Rama Notowidigdo: 5 Tips to Scale your Startup from a Serial Entrepreneur 3 mins read ~ 15 June, 2020



Roughly more than 50 million startups are born each and every year with the intention of eventually becoming a hugely profitable business. Many entrepreneurs dream of growing their business into a million-dollar company from scratch. But the reality is, it's difficult to scale your startup in this way.

Scaling is about adding revenue at an exponential rate will only adding resources at an incremental rate. On the other hand, growing means adding resources at the same rate that you are adding revenue.

In our EP07 of Linkedpreneur Stories, we have with us Rama Notowidigdo⁣ , Co-founder AwanTunai, Sayurbox, OY! Indonesia.  He will be talking about Marketing, sales, and all kind of tech-related topics. He will be sharing his journey and all the obstacles that he faced in his life, along with that he will also give us tips on How you can scale your startup from a Serial Entrepreneur.

It is never really too late to start a new thing

So, if you are all set for starting your own business and want to be the next entrepreneur then don’t miss today’s episode. I am pretty sure this episode will surely give you a lot of information along with will clear your doubt on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Here is a sneak peek from today’s episode:

From your Den

  • 1 thing you don't miss to do in every morning - I don't watch t.v
  • 1 mentor in the business segment - Bill Gates, Elon Musk
  • 3 websites you served - Property, Stock and News in general
  • 1 book you would like to gift to your close friend - Principal 
  • Top 3 Netflix show - Vikings, Game of Thrones
  • Favorite destination - Bali
  • Name of your baby boy - Raka Juna

In this Episode, You are going to know

  1. How does Rama look at the uncertainty moving down 2020, in terms of the economic scenario?
  2. Which are the top industries do you think will be doing quite well moving forward?
  3. Was it quite difficult to let go of the first-hand idea that you started with and then evolving and completely different concepts coming in for Sayurbox?
  4. How exactly a startup founder or founder can find a product-market fit?
  5. If any startup wants to scale, what do they need to take care of?
  6. Do you think companies should bring in more capital and loan now all should they wait?
  7. ‘Process’ also plays a vital role in assuring success, what is your take on that?
  8. What skill is essential to be a leader managing more than a hundred employees??
  9. How do you see the future of financial service with digitization and AIML?

Getting to know about such deep information from Rama about Startup and Entrepreneur was really amazing. During this time it is really important for Startups and budding enterprises to know what is important at this moment and how they can be helpful to the consumers. Get all the information in today’s Linkedpreneur Stories.

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