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So if any new updates of Facebook come near the door then users or clients get curious and starts will all sort of questions and get curious. 

It’s common to get the curiosity for Facebook in such hype as it is the biggest social media platform and the center stage for millions of people to show their opinion. Alongside Facebook Instagram has grown for B2C customers and Linkedin for B2B customers. 

To help encourage further commitment and development, LinkedIn has presented a progression of updates and highlights to Pages. Most as of late, the interpersonal organization executed an Invite to Follow choice, LinkedIn Live, and new posting alternatives.

Here we'll talk about the new updates and how your business can use these:

1. Linkedin Pages - In early 2018 Linkedin came up with its new launch known as Linkedin Pages. This feature helps you to find and understand millions of potential employers and can easily connect to their job. The updated feature helps you to track job seekers, include salary data, investor news, link to videos and many more. 

Two helpful features on Linkedin pages are:

  • Job alerts - If you are finding any particular sector or company for job then you can simply sign up to their job alert along with you can set up an alert. This feature helps recruiters know that you are interested in their job, which can eventually increase the change for you to get selected when they have a vacancy.
  • Follow button - If you want to get updates from any prospective employees then all you need to do is click on the Follow button and you will get all kinds of updates from them.

2. Tag your connections in Pictures - Most probably Linkedin got late to update this feature. But better late then never, you can now tag your colleagues, partners whenever you upload any picture on LinkedIn.

3. React to any pictures - Linkedin has upgraded its Linking feature by adding the react option into it. Linkings are just not enough, opinion matters a lot, and with the help of this feature professional or other people can easily react to anything that needs an opinion. These reactions have a clear professional flavor to them  

4. Live Streaming for company page - People always love to know things in advance before its even launched. With the help of this feature, brands can easily launch their products online, host a webinar, conduct Q & A and many more. This will help the customers to get a grip and idea about what is going on or is going to happen.

5. Conversation Ads in messenger - With the help of LinkedIn Message Ads you can send targeted messages legitimately to the individuals who have already seen and clicked on your message promotion with LinkedIn Conversion Tracking. 

  • Deliver a targeted message with just a single CTA -  You can communicate to your target audience without agonizing over character limits. You can likewise add a Lead Gen Form to your message to gather leads straightforwardly on LinkedIn.
  • Drive more engagement - Messages are conveyed in an accessible environment with the goal that your brand image pops out. More than 1 of every 2 individuals opens up a message advertisement.
  • Analyze insight of the message - See which jobs at what organizations are making a move on your message promotion with segment revealing. Track transformations from individuals who saw and tapped on your message promotion with LinkedIn Conversion Tracking.

6. B2B product review - This new feature permits reviewers to feature their one of a kind ranges of skills, information and expertise with B2B items and service and, in like manner, empower brands to encourage their customers to evaluate and audits by prodding important discussions with their LinkedIn devotees

7. Account-based Marketing - Talking to the chiefs in enormous large organizations will get significantly simpler. With ABM, LinkedIn users will have the option to draw in with 6-12 individuals in huge endeavors who are the chief confidants. 

8. Adobe experience manager and Hubspot integration - Linkedin will now allow you to put your CRM data directly to the platform and target the audience. Business experts that need to incorporate Adobe Experience Manager along with the software tools that they use on a daily basis will give the power to sync all the data, connect into the app, and configure flexible workflow with the help of click-or-code.

9. Linkedin skills assessments - This feature of Linkedin is still not being accessed by everyone but is worth mentioning. In September 2019, LinkedIn came out with LinkedIn Skills Assessments — 15 to 20 timed multiple-choice questions about once particular skills. If you are able to pass the test because of your skills, you will get a verified skill badge on your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t, your results will stay private.

As per LinkedIn, results show that applicants who finished LinkedIn Skill Assessments were about 30% bound to get contracted than the individuals who didn't. 

Right now, LinkedIn offers abilities evaluations in tech, business, and structure, with plans to venture into different territories.

Individuals who are not active in this platform compare to other social handles, this is the tie for you to use these features and understand what they can do to your life. These features will surely give you the right reason to include Linkedin to your marketing strategy

Khushboo Nangalia

Written by Khushboo Nangalia