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LinkedIn is known for its professional networking site. It is a very useful tool for people who are seeking jobs and for new opportunities.  Despite the fact that LinkedIn is still notable as a job-seeking platform, if you play with the platform, you'll see that the stage has more to offer. In the course of recent years, LinkedIn has extended past employment looking and enlisting to turn into a goal for business and industry-explicit substance, making it a significant internet based life instrument for organizations searching for approaches to make progressions with content showcasing.

You can build a strong organic presence of your company on Linkedin. In reality, setting up and keeping up your company page is a basic initial move toward progress with the stage. Distributing unique content and sharing existing information are additionally incredible approaches to assemble a group of people and generate engagement on LinkedIn.

Here is a list of capabilities that LinkedIn can offer apart from searching jobs

1. The Linkedin Audience - Linkedin has over 500 million professional members of the platform. Linkedin does not have a large number of active users as Facebook and Instagram has, but keeping in mind the users on Linkedin are far more qualified than other handles.

Linkedin claims to have 40 million decision-makers and 6.8 million C-level executives on this single platform. Companies can easily target their audience on the basis of job title, employers, job function, or even skills and interest. Linkedin can be useful for B2B companies as it can deliver a much more relevant target audience than other networking sites.

2. Advertising products - If you think that Linkedin is perfect for your target audience then there are various types of handful of advertising products that can help you to grow your brand.

3. Sponsored Content - As LinkedIn is a platform where you can share and discover new content, hence the prominent ad product Linkedin has is the sponsored content. The sponsored content that LinkedIn has appeared in the users feed alongside content form and the leader as well as companies they follow.

It can get difficult for any social media platform to get traffic and expand their visibility through organic reach. To build a large following one should invest in paid promotion. On the other hand, sponsored content offers brands to mark an approach to intensify their substance so it contacts a more extensive crowd, and you can easily target your audience as you want. Brands can decide to target dependent on criteria like area, industry, organization size, and position. 

Content promoting is a compelling method for raising brand awareness, building trust, and setting up brand loyalty and mastery. For brands that have a target audience which invests time and energy in LinkedIn, sponsored content is a helpful tool for arriving at new possibilities.

4. Sponsored InMail - With the help of Sponsored InMail, you can easily send promotional messages directly to your target audience. Sponsored InMail provides the opportunity to the brands to communicate with their audience in a highly personal and relevant way. These messages will be shown in the user's Linkedin inbox alongside the organic InMail they receive.

Sponsored InMail allows brands to associate with the users directly, and to have their promotional messages appear in an uncluttered situation. InMail makes space for more straightforwardly deals arranged messages and progressed focusing on guarantees that brands can contact the correct crowds. LinkedIn likewise sets a limit for what number of supported InMails every user gets, so there's a better possibility that the ones that come to their inbox will stick out.

5. Text ads - This is the most basic ad solution on Linkedin that operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. LinkedIn content promotions comprise of a picture, headline, supporting content, and source of inspiration. As one would expect, space is restricted right now, so building up a brief and convincing message is vital. Similarly as with different organizations, LinkedIn's content promotions offer the chance to cast a wide net or set a barely characterized target crowd dependent on geology, demographics, work history, abilities, and interests.

6. Dynamic Ads - Dynamic Ads is used to add an element of personalization to their text ads. Personalization helps to make a promotional message more relevant and more catchy, ensuring a higher attraction so that the user takes a desired action.  Linkedin’s dynamic ads allow brands to customize their advertisement for certain specific users. 

For instance, ad copies can be customized to include the name of the users to whom you want your ad to be shown. Images along with other features can also be dynamically updated to include the user’s profile picture to make it more creative.

7. Display Ads - At last Linkedin also has traditional display ads format that allows brands to choose between either intent-based targeting using their existing data, or to do persona targeting using Linkedin’s audience segment. Audience segments are only available to those buying through LinkedIn Private Auctions

At this point, you can clearly understand that Linkedin is far more than a professional platform or a recruiting platform. It's basically becoming a go-to platform for businesses to publish their content to grow their brand reach. The way that the stage has become such a content center point, and that its users are an engaged and qualified audience which ultimately makes linkedin a wise choice when it comes to investing your digital advertising budget. 

Khushboo Nangalia

Written by Khushboo Nangalia